Saturday, February 4, 2023

Biden Administration’s focus: Digital Identity and Digital Dollar

By DAC000 , in Cryptocurrency Identity Tech , at December 18, 2020 Tags: ,

interesting speculative article, one that is well referenced, regarding near term activities of the incoming Biden administration. About a one minute read.

Comment: overall, the article makes several plausible points. The US has fallen behind, way behind of nation’s who focused on emergent digital technologies. And not just China, but also many European nations. This lack of focus is likely due to the lobbying efforts of incumbent institutions, who profit from the chaos a lack of digital identity provides, and the confusion over a lack of Cryptocurrency regulation. Will Mr Biden be able to prevail? As an American I wish him well, but as an American, I’m not so sure. Americans like to think The United States is run by the people but in reality its run by Big Business, and their lobbyists control the public dialog.