Sunday, May 26, 2024

Bots putting salescritters out of work?

By DAC000 , in Bots , at October 30, 2019 Tags:

Don’t tell the sales desk, but Chatbots are far better at selling to human customers then many human salespeople are at selling to human customers. Unless the human customer finds out they’re talking to a Chabot intent upon selling them something.  In which case, nobody buys from a Chatbot. And who knew California law requires Chatbots to identify themselves as AIs when a human asks?  About a three-minute interesting read.

Comment: personally, I love talking to Chatbots and always, always, always try to ask questions that cause the software to crash. Those Chatbots don’t like me very much. and since I hate poorly written programs we sorta get along. Sorta.