Friday, December 8, 2023

Fintech and Covid

By DAC000 , in corona crash COVID-19 Fintech fintech bubble , at October 31, 2020 Tags: , , ,

with Fintech funding collapsing to levels last seen in 2017 and deals falling for the last eight months, it is reasonable to ask about the future. An excellent article exploring the prospects for various Fintech sectors, in an era where liquidity is drying up. Specifically the “impact of COVID-19 will be more severe for those fintechs in international payments, unsecured and secured consumer lending, small business lending”. About a six minute read.

Comment: we’ve carefully been following the impact of COVID on Fintech since the crisis’ onset, phrasing this era “The Corona Crash”. We have consistently taken the position this even would speed the acquisition by Incumbents of disruptive technology as manifests in Fintech. Note all COVID really has done is accelerate this inevitable outcome.