Saturday, February 4, 2023

Five Fintech trends set to stay

By DAC000 , in Fintech investment , at September 29, 2020 Tags: ,

past the pandemic? Yes, nice call from Forbes, I tend to agree with all five of their points. A minor quibble: point number four, Banks and Credit Unions Are Learning New Tricks, should be expanded upon to discuss the wave of acquisitions we’re now seeing. But otherwise a nice article. About a ten minute read.

Comment: of course cash rich incumbents are in a prime position to acquire struggling Fintech startups; liquidity evaporated in the aftermath of The Corona Crash. Many startups lost upcoming promised funding, while others anxiously await their drift into insolvency. Both drive deals and if a company is struggling — let alone facing insolvency — they are in no position to bargain. Its a buyers paradise.