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NFTs: Thefts, Fraud & Lawsuits

By DAC000 , in NFT , at June 8, 2022 Tags:

as reported by The New York Times via DNYUZ, a rather tawdry and at times alarming three minute read.

Comment: ok, I’ve sold NFTs on Open Sea, and have been on the internet since the late 1980s / early 1990s (email / web respectively) so it was clear Open Sea was making it up as they went. Client side software was always flaky and it was clearly a scammers paradise. I never (to the best of my knowledge) had any NFTs stolen and resold, but no shortage of clowns trying to social engineer me out of Ethereum or Art (try harder, I’m from New York). Guess it was the platform’s The Wild West days. Let’s see if they survive the downturn.