Friday, December 8, 2023

The Fed’s Barr on Crypto Oversight

By DAC000 , in Regulation , at September 8, 2022 Tags:

Transcript of a speech at The Brookings Institute, crypto activity in banks should be regulated as other assets are. About an eight minute read.

Comment: excellent news. Often folks are surprised at how far ahead of the curve we at Fintech Flash News are. Simple answer: we tend to pay attention to policy makers and, as we’re doing here, read their speeches. Which mainstream media often ignores. The Feds continue to flesh out crypto regulation which, in our view, is a good thing. I’ve been buying Bitcoin weekly for years, Ripple weekly for about one year, and need custody services which aren’t legal yet. I don’t hold my stocks / bonds / gold / cash, and I don’t want to hold crypto either.